Friday, February 25, 2011

My book adventure

So being that this is my first post, I am not going to post anything about a particular book. I am just going to introduce the blog and explain what I am going to do on this site. As you read in the about me section of the blog, I am a book lover. I have read and will be reading so many books that I wanted a fun organized way to keep track of the many books that I will and have come in contact with. I love books and each book is special in it's own way. But my favorite thing about books is how they relate to each other. How many times have you read a book and it reminded you about another book? That's why I have created this blog, to keep all my books straight. Obviously I won't be able to go back and enter every book I have read, but I will put my favorites on here and links to find out more about certain books. I hope this site will give you many new recommendations for great books and create many new life-long readers! I hope you enjoy my book blog, I am very excited to get it without further adieu....welcome to books under trees and happy reading!

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